Conditions of Golfdiscountstore delivery and returns policy
shipments and returns


Packages are generally dispatched within 2 days after receipt of payment and are shipped via DHL with tracking and trace. What choice of sending you choose, you will receive a tracking code from DHL that allows you to track the shipment.

The shipping costs are at Golf Discount Store always € 5, - (NL) . This therefore does not matter whether you get one or more packets.

Boxes are good sized and your items are well-protected.

If you are not satisfied with your product (s) please contact us or you can send the product back to us. You can do this via You can also return or exchange an item from us that you have the right product quickly at home.

The costs for return shipping will not be reimbursed by Golf Discount Store.

If you are not satisfied, please let us always know we will always try to help as much as possible and advise.

By placing your order, you indicate that you agree to the terms and conditions. Golf Discount Store has the right to change its terms and / or conditions after the expiry of the term. If you receive items you did not order, you must inform Golf Discount Store aware. Any inaccuracies of information given to you by Golf Discount Store must immediately be reported to you by Golf Discount Store.

Article 1. General

1.A) Golf Discount Store launched in 2005 and launched in May 2007 with the sale over the internet under the name


Article 2. Applicability

2.A) All offers, orders and agreements using the site Golf Discount Store, to the exclusion of any other general conditions these Terms and Conditions (the Conditions).


2.B) Accepting an offer or placing an order is subject to acceptance of the applicability of these Conditions.


2C) The provisions in these Conditions may be waived only in writing. If any part of these Conditions shall be waived, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force.


2.D) All rights and claims as stipulated in these Terms and any further agreements for the benefit of Golf Discount Store, are also stipulated for by Golf Discount Store intermediaries and other third parties.


2.E) If a court judgment or by a binding decision of another competent authority one of the articles of these Terms is held invalid, the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions in force.


Article 3. Agreements

3a) A contract is concluded after acceptance of the order of a customer by Golf Discount Store is entitled to refuse orders or to request additional information. If an order is not accepted, will be notified, stating the reason for the customer.


3.B) Some of the products can be offered stating an age classification. By ordering this product, you declare that you have at least the required age for purchasing the product.


Article 4. Prices

4.A) The prices quoted in the articles are in euros, including VAT and legal disposal, unless otherwise stated. Shipping costs are (unless otherwise stated) are not included in these prices.


4.B) In some cases there is action prices. Action Prices are only valid for a certain period as long as stocks last. At these prices, no claims can be made before or after the specified period.


4.C) Golf Discount Store can not be held responsible for price indications that are obviously incorrect, due to obvious typesetting or printing errors. Incorrect pricing information is not legally binding.


Article 5. Payments

5.A) Payment can be made (one of) the way (s) indicated during the ordering process.


5b) The customer Golf Discount Store permission to perform all acts necessary for payment to be made on the payment method chosen by the customer.


Article 6. Delivery

6.A) Golf Discount Store strives to deliver orders within 24 hours after receipt of payment off. For this purpose, Golf Discount Store is not mandatory.


6.B) The deadline is 30 days after placing the order, except to the extent that the delay can not be attributed to Golf Discount Store.


6.C) If the delivery by (temporarily) out of stock or for other reasons is delayed, or if an order can not or only partially executed, the customer receives them no later than thirty (30) days after the has placed an order message. The client in this case the right to cancel the order without penalty. Golf Discount Store will arrange for a refund in that case.


6.D) If delivery of an ordered proves to be impossible, Golf Discount Store will make such efforts as the reasonableness and fairness is to provide a replacement product. No later than the delivery will be notified that a replacement item is delivered in a clear and comprehensible manner. The cost of return shipment to the provision of a replacement item for the account of Golf Discount Store.


6.e.) Deviations in color, type, text and / or price changes.


6.F) If you are not home on the agreed date, we reserve the right to charge the transport costs incurred to you. During transport, your articles to all safety insured against loss and damage. By default, all items offered two times and then come to a pickup location rightly issued the relevant carrier. We ship all packages via DHL and correspondence by post

6.G) Delivery shall be made only if the payment of your order has been received, or if you indicate in your order that you wish to receive this cash on delivery you pay to the messenger DHL.


Article 7. Retention

The ownership of products is transferred only if the customer what the customer based on the respect of the products agreement (s) payable to Golf Discount Store, has met.


Article 8. Intellectual and industrial property

8A) The customer all intellectual and industrial property rights, which rest on the respect fully and unconditionally products delivered by Golf Discount Store.


8.B) Golf Discount Store does not warrant that the products do not infringe delivered to the customer on any (unwritten) intellectual and / or industrial property of third parties.


8.c) The Buyer acknowledges that all intellectual property rights to the information, communications or other expressions concerning the products and / or with respect to the internet site at Golf Discount Store, its suppliers or other copyright holders.


8.D) The Buyer is prohibited from using, including making changes, of intellectual property rights as described in this article, such as duplication, without the express prior written consent of Golf Discount Store, its suppliers or other claimants unless is for private use in relation to the product itself.


Article 9. Compliance

Golf Discount Store guarantees that the goods and / or services meet the specifications stated in the offer, the reasonable requirements of reliability and / or usability and do not conflict with the date of the conclusion of the agreement existing legal provisions and / or government regulations.


Article 10. Money back

10.A) You have the obligation to inspect whether the products meet the agreement.


10.B) In the context of this NG / Money Back Guarantee may return the customer, the product within 14 days after delivery to Golf Discount Store. When returning the product is in its original packaging to be complete, undamaged and unused packaged.


10.c) If the customer uses the NG / Money Back Guarantee Golf Discount Store will the amount already paid within thirty days to the customer repay. Not good money goes back only if the goods do not meet the expected requirements. All this you can read in Article 6 delivery.


10.d) If the product can not be returned due to its nature;


clearly personal in nature; can deteriorate or expire rapidly; and / or, in video recordings or computer software.

There is a period of reflection in the context of the NG / Money Back Guarantee only exist if the customer has not yet broken the seal of the packaging or in the absence of a seal, the packaging has not been opened.


Unstamped returns will not be accepted.


10.E) The customer always has to submit the reason of the return shipment to the seller. This can be controlled After approval, the return only accepted. Shipping costs are not reimbursed.


Article 11. Orders / communication

For misunderstanding, delays or transmission of orders and messages resulting from the use of the Internet or any other means of communication between the customer and Golf Discount Store, or between Golf Discount Store and others, as it relates to the relationship between the customer and, Golf Discount Store is not liable, except to the extent there might be intentional or gross negligence of Golf Discount Store.


Article 12. Force Majeure

Golf Discount Store has in case of force majeure the right, at its option, the execution of a customer's order to suspend or terminate the contract without judicial intervention, to communicate by writing to the customer and without liable to pay any compensation, unless this would be unacceptable in the circumstances to standards of reasonableness and fairness.


Article 13. Applicable law and jurisdiction

13.A) All rights, obligations, offers, orders and agreements to which these Conditions apply, including these conditions, only Dutch law.


13.b) All disputes between the parties shall be exclusively submitted to the competent court in the Netherlands in Amsterdam.


Article 14. Any questions, complaints or comments about this IDIS

14.A) In the event of a dispute, the customer must make this known at Golf Discount Store within a reasonable time. This can be through Golf Discount Store will handle the complaint within 30 days of receipt.


14.b) If, after reading these Conditions complaints, questions or concerns about these terms, please feel free to e-mail contact


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